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On 28th November 2021,

  • The C4 bus route replaced the 67
  • The X27 &  X28 bus routes replaced the 67X bus route
  • New L58 & L59 local bus services commenced operation - these connect Celbridge & Leixlip
  • The C6 night bus service commenced offering a bi-directional all week service unlike the 67N which was limited to weekends and only operated outbound from Dublin
  • There was no change to the GoAhead 120  Edenderry-Dublin route that serves the Clane Road as this is not included in the BusConnects project

67 -> C4 - Regular Daytime Bus Service

What happened to the 67 bus service?

The C4 Dublin Bus service replaced the 67 Dublin Bus service on 28th November 2021.

The C4 route and timetable differs from the 67 and is one of four C-Spine routes that replaced the 25, 25A, 66, 66A, 66B, 66E, 67, etc. bus routes. The "spine" refers to the fact that the bus services share routing along a corridor between Ringsend and Woodies at Lucan before each route on the spine branches off in a different direction.

This is effectively the same as what happened with the old bus routes. The difference is that deliberate timetabling attempts to ensure that there is a regularly spaced bus service along the shared C-Spine section of the C1, C2, C3 and C4 bus routes about every 8 minutes.

  • The C3 and C4 go through Lucan village before diverging to serve different destinations (Maynooth via Leixlip and Maynooth via Celbridge).
  • The C1 and C2 routes serve south Lucan sharing much of their route but diverge to go around Griffeen Valley Park before converging again as they approach Adamstown.

The introduction of the "spine" terminology has little impact on the bus service between Celbridge and Dublin; as was the case with the 67, Celbridge continues to have a direct bus service every 30 minutes.


Details of the C4 Bus Route


  • Inbound: Maynooth Glenroyal Hotel  >  R406 Straffan Road  >  R405 Maynooth Road  >  Celbridge Main Street  >  R403 Dublin Road  >  R385 Lucan Road  >  N4 Chapelizod Bypass  >  North Quays  >  Rosie Hackett Bridge  >  Hawkins Street  >  Townsend Street  >  Pearse Street  >  Ringsend Road
  • Outbound: Ringsend Road  >  Pearse Street  >  Tara Street  >  South Quays  >  N4 Chapelizod Bypass  >  R385 Lucan Road  >  R403 Dublin Road  >  Celbridge Main Street  >  R405 Maynooth Road  >  R406 Straffan Road  >  Maynooth Glenroyal Hotel

How does the C4 route differ from the 67?

  • The C4 takes the R148 Chapelizod Bypass and crosses the Liffey onto the North Quays after Heuston Station (rather than crossing the Liffey in Chapelizod and taking the R109 / Conyngham Road / Parkgate St to the North Quays)
  • The terminus is at Ringsend rather than Merrion Square

67X -> X27 and X28 - Peak Time Express Bus Routes

What happened to the 67X bus service?

The X27 and X28 Dublin Bus services replaced the two variants of the 67X Dublin Bus service on 28th November 2021.

The X27 and X28 routes and timetables differ from the 67X. Fundamentally, they are express peak time services that serve different parts of Celbridge

  • the X27 route serves Aghard's Road, Shackleton Road and the Clane Road
  • the X28 route serves Maynooth Road and Main St

The introduction of 2 route numbers removes any confusion regarding which variant of the express bus route you are boarding on your return home to Celbridge.

Details of the X27 and X28 Bus Routes


  • X27: Salesian College  >  R405 Maynooth Road  >  Aghards Road  >  R403 Dublin Road  >  N4  >  N4 Chapelizod Bypass  >  N11  >  UCD
  • X28: Salesian College > R405 Maynooth Road > Celbridge Main Street > R403 Dublin Road > N4 > N4 Chapelizod Bypass > N11 > UCD

How do the X27 and X28 routes differ from the 67X?

The city centre routing of the X27 and X28 will differ from that of the 67X. The following shows the city centre routing

  • Inbound:  North Quays > Talbot Memorial Bridge (after Customs House) > Townsend Street > Westland Row > Merrion Sq West > St. Stephen's Green East > Leeson St > Donnybrook
  • Outbound: Donnybrook > Leeson St > St. Stephen's Green East > Merrion Sq West > Westland Row > Pearse Street > Tara Street > Burgh Quay
X27 Timetable (serving Aghard's Road, Shackleton Road and the Clane Road)
X28 Timetable (serving Maynooth Road and Main Street)

67N -> C6 - Night Time Bus Route

What happened to the 67N night bus service?

The C6 Dublin Bus night service replaced the 67N Dublin Bus Nitelink service on 28th November 2021.

The C6 route and timetable differs significantly from the 67N. Where the 67N just ran in one direction from Dublin City out on Friday and Saturday nights (4 buses between midnight and 4am), the C6 will be a full bi-directional night bus service with 5 buses departing in each direction between midnight and 4am)

The C6 follows a similar route to the C4 route but will operate via Chapelizod instead of the Chapelizod bypass and, by virtue of the routing through Chapelizod and Lucan villages, will have an extended journey time compared to the 67N.

Details of the C6 Night Bus Route


  • Inbound: Maynooth Train Station >  R405 Maynooth Road  >  Celbridge Main Street > R403 Dublin Road > Lucan Village  >  Liffey Valley SC > Chapelizod Village  >  Bachelor's Walk >  Ringsend Road
  • Outbound: Ringsend Road > Bachelor's Walk > Chapelizod Village  >  Liffey Valley SC > Lucan Village  >  R403 Dublin Road > Celbridge Main Street > R405 Maynooth Road  > Maynooth Train Station

L58 & L59 - New Local Bus Routes connecting Celbridge & Leixlip

Local Bus Routes

Local bus routes were introduced as part of BusConnects in a shift away from most bus routes focusing on connectivity to Dublin City Centre.

The L58 and L59 bus services connect Celbridge and Leixlip and provide an all-day bus service to both Hazelhatch and Leixlip Confey train stations.

This introduced options for travelling to more places both locally and through interchanging with other public transport services (a new 90-minute fare was introduced on 28th November 2021 in tandem with these bus routes).

Details of the L58 and L59 Bus Routes

Both routes connect Hazelhatch Train Station and Riverforest in Leixlip (near Confey Train Station) but take different routes


  • L58 Celbridge-Leixlip: Hazelhatch Train Station > Hazelhatch Road > Shinkeen Road > R403 Dublin Road  > Young's Cross > Liffey Business Campus (Hewlett Packard) > R404 Celbridge Road > R418 Station Road > R149 Captains Hill > River Forest
  • L58 Leixlip-Celbridge: River Forest  >  R149 Captains Hill  >  R418 Station Road  >  R404 Celbridge Road  > Liffey Business Campus (Hewlett Packard) >  Young's Cross > R403 Dublin Road > Shinkeen Road > Hazelhatch Road > Hazelhatch Train Station
  • L59 Celbridge-Leixlip: Hazelhatch Train Station > Hazelhatch Road > English Row  > Clane Road > Shackleton Road > Aghard's Road > R405 Maynooth Road > R449 > Green Lane > R418 Station Road > R149 Captains Hill > River Forest
  • L59 Leixlip-Celbridge: River Forest  >  R149 Captains Hill  >  R418 Station Road  >  Green Lane  > R449 > R405 Maynooth Road > Aghard's Road >  Shackleton Road > Clane Road > English Row > Hazelhatch Road > Hazelhatch Train Station
L58 Timetable (serving Shinkeen Road, Barnhall, Shackleton Road and the Clane Road)
L59 Timetable (serving Aghard's Road, Shackleton Road and the Clane Road)

Beyond Celbridge

The information on this page focuses on the bus routes that directly serve Celbridge. The introduction of a 90-minute fare will open up possibilities for interchange with other buses, rail/Dart and Luas.

Additional Resources Relating to 28th November 2021 changes to bus services in North-East Kildare and West Dublin