Draft LAP

The Celbridge Local Areal Plan 2017-2023 took effect on mid-September 2017 but the Minister has made his intentions known that he is considering issuing a direction pursuant to section 31 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended). A final period of public consultation runs from Monday 18th September until Friday 29th September during which views may be expressed on the direction which relates to

  • reinstatement of “Town Centre” zoning at Donaghcumper and
  • reduction in the amount of land to be zoned “New Residential” at Crodaun.

Celbridge Community Council, like many other local groups and individuals, made detailed submissions to Kildare County Council on both the draft Local Area Plan and subsequent amendments thereto.

We attended public meetings to take on board the views of the various residents associations and independently engaged with the local Councillors in an attempt to positively influence the future development of our wonderful town. We are always interested in hearing the views of residents from across the town to help shape any future submissions we make.

Celbridge Community Council’s submissions promote the following themes:

  1. Restraint must be exercised in the rate of Celbridge’s population growth in line with its designation as a “Moderate Sustainable Growth Town”.
  2. At the current level of population, serious social infrastructure deficits are evident within Celbridge. Until they are redressed, the town cannot absorb additional population.
  3. Completion of an additional river crossing is essential in the near term. Until it is built, the town cannot support the increased vehicular traffic arising from a population increase.
  4. Completion of a ring-road is essential to divert traffic from pinch points in the road network.
  5. Restraint must be exercised in delivery of new residential development thereby ensuring that physical and social infrastructure provisioning occurs as a prerequisite for all future development.
  6. Given Celbridge’s potential to develop into a primary tourism centre for the North East Kildare area, the preservation and promotion of culture and heritage needs to be paramount in planning decisions relating to the town. Consideration must to be given to provision of facilities to support Celbridge in fulfilling its potential as a tourism hub.
  7. Strengthening of the town centre by provision of public amenities and supporting the enhancement of the retail offering would invigorate the local economy.
  8. Public transport connectivity between Celbridge and surrounding areas must be prioritised in order to support the economic development strategies outlined in the County Development Plan
  9. The economic development of Celbridge is critical for sustainable growth. Special attention must be focused on generation of employment opportunities in industries that support sectors including, but not limited to, tourism and the knowledge based economy.

Our submission on the material amendments

  • examines each of the proposed Key Development Areas and highlights our views on each
  • highlights our concerns that the preparation of a strategic Transport Management Plan and Public Transport Strategy for Celbridge is not being attributed a high enough priority in the Draft LAP – while we are encouraged to  see material alterations pertaining to such a plan being included in the Draft LAP, having observed how little was actually implemented from the 2009 Celbridge Traffic Management Plan, we have real concerns for the implementation of the recommendations from any such plan

Please find copies of our submissions below: